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Pain Management Clinics in Dallas


Pain comes in all sizes and shapes; hence our physicians provide a personalized treatment regimen to bring you relief. This may include interventional procedures and/or medication management.

All our doctors at our Dallas Pain management centers are expert innovators in the field of pain management and treatment. We take pride when we say that Pain management centers at Dallas and Fort Worth have assisted thousands of patients in living pain free without the need for surgery.

We accept most insurance and we stand by our patients till they get back to their active lifestyle. Call (844) 839-7246 today!

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Pain Specialists in Dallas

Problems Treated

Our Fort Worth & Dallas qualified experts are able to treat ANY pain condition, both simple and complex, including pain in the back and neck, sciatica, bulging or herniated discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis, headaches, scoliosis and more.

The specialists are able to handle complicated problems like RSD, CRPS, headaches, fibromyalgia, pain in the phantom limb, trigeminal neuralgia, problems resulting from failure of surgery and neuropathy with modern breakthrough pain therapies, helping patients to avoid potential risk of surgery.

At our Dallas and Fort Worth pain clinics, over 90% of patients have reported excellent relief from pain, are able to dramatically improve function, and jump back into life!

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Pain management dallas

Solutions Offered

At our Dallas and Fort Worth centers, we provide the latest, cutting edge treatments for the benefit of patients. With a newly developedprocessto map pain by our institute, it’s possible to specifically locate the root cause of the pain, thus helping to craft a treatment program to rid you of pain.

Other techniques for relief are tailor-made to meet ndividual needs. They include medication management, joint injections, blocks of the Medial Branch, epidural injections with steroids, joint injections and blocks of the occipital nerve.

We also offer the latest cutting edge treatment including radiofrequency ablation, implants for spinal cord stimulation,  kyphoplasty, blocking nerve bundles and more.

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Texas Pain Network’s doctors incorporate multidimensional care, which may include medication management, interventional procedures, medicines for regeneration.

With Board Certified Dallas/Fort Worth pain doctors offering compassionate care customized to meet individual requirements and preferences, you can be assured of respect, kindness and expert care.

Trust us; you’ll receive the best possible care with the certified and acclaimed practitioners in our Network. The highly skilled doctors provide over25 pain treatments that are carefully chosen and implemented keeping your unique needs in mind.

Every staff, from the senior doctors to the nursing staff and receptionists value your health and it is the only thing that matters the most. This is the reason the providers here, promise you all necessary precious time to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable.

The doctors in the Network accept most insurance including Medicare, some HMO’s andpreferred provider organizations like Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross, United and many more.

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What is special about Pain Treatment and Management at Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Richardson, Forney, Mansfield, Keller and Joshua, TX?

  • Experienced and qualified Dallas/Fort Worth Doctors.
  • More than 25 Modern Treatments and Most Insurance Accepted.
  • Breakthrough Omega Migraine Procedure Reduces number and intensity of headaches!
  • A success rate of more than ninety percent in avoiding surgery and pain relief.