Back pain is a common complaint and can be resolved using reflexology therapy. Often, the underlying cause of back pain is difficult to determine and it may also arise spontaneously. Pain Management Center, Dallas recommends reflexology can be used to alleviate the symptoms of both chronic and acute back pain to bring you long lasting or short term relief.

foot reflexology

1. Foot reflex points:

The reflex points of the spine are located towards the inner edges of the feet. Reflex points for shoulders and upper back lie on the soles of the feet. Hence, back pain can be treated by applying pressure on the soles and tops of the feet, the region around the heel and also the inner edge of feet.

Steps for delivering foot reflexology to your cervical spine:

– Use your left hand to support your right foot and with your right thumb apply pressure to all the spine reflexes on the inside edge of your foot. Start from the tip of your big toe down towards your ankle.

– As you move your thumb from the toe tip to the ankle, press the skin firmly and gradually creep along the distance making sure you do not miss pressing any reflex spot.

Steps for delivering foot reflexology to your sciatic nerve: Sciatica causes terrible pain in the leg because of nerve compression and reflexology can help increase the blood flow to this area, improving the painful symptoms.

– Beginning just behind your ankle bone to a distance of 3.9 inches in the upwards direction, lies the reflexology points of the sciatic nerve. Application of pressure at these points helps bring relief from sciatica.

Steps for delivering foot reflexology to upper back and shoulders:

– Using your thumbs, apply pressure to the base of your toes, first on the sole and then on the top of your foot.

– You can also use your knuckles to deliver a stronger pressure at the reflex points present at the sole of your foot. However, a gentler touch needs to be delivered at the top of the feet since it is a more sensitive area.


2. Hand reflex points:

Even though foot reflexology is quite effective in alleviating back pain, use of reflex points on the hand is more convenient especially when the foot is injured or infected.

Steps for delivering hand reflexology to the spine:

– Apply pressure to reflex points on the outer edge of your palm with the thumb of the other hand to contact points on the spine. Start with your left hand and then switch over to the other hand.

Steps for delivering hand reflexology to the shoulders: Your left shoulder reflexology points lie beneath your left little finger and vice versa.

– Work on the reflexology points at the base of the little finger both at the top and palm region.

Since every individual has unique needs, the effect of reflexology therapy will also vary considerably between individuals. Factors like health condition, age, underlying diseases, lifestyle and nutritional habits, stress levels will all influence the success of reflexology therapy. Adoption of an unhealthy lifestyle will negate all the positive effects of this therapy. Reflexology therapy must also not be administered when there is an injury in the target area without seeking advice from a medical practitioner.

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