Most people might have spent a good amount to treat their epic back pain. However, for most of them it was of no use. They have done from physical therapies to medicines and even some tried surgical treatment as well, but all went in vain.

Most people who have been experiencing a dull pain in their back, especially those people who are above the age bar of 40 and more. Back pain not only disturbs the normal chord of life but also fluctuate underlying health problems as well as flash the signs of introducing lifestyle changes.

Here are some quick tips to improve your lifestyle bringing small changes –

  • Do not lie down for long time on one side – This worsens your back pain and make it id difficult for you to move.
  • Get cold and hot compress – If you have suddenly hurt your back it is better to get hot or cold compression to ease off the pain immediately or may be within 24 hours of the injury.
  • Try to soak in hot bath – Soak your back in hot bath within 24 hours of the injury in the lower back region.
  • Choose some relaxation technique – To ease off your pain you can try some techniques to overcome your physical as well as mental stress. That does not mean that you will opt for strenuous yoga exercises.
  • Use cushioned support – When you need to sit for a long time, use a cushion to support your back, since most of the chairs do not provide right support to rest your back.
  • Try out swimming – This is one of the best remedies that would not cause much strain on the muscles, and yet it will be supporting your back.
  • Shed down the extra pounds – If you are overweight, it is always advisable to shed down the extra pounds as it can cause much stress upon your body. Balance the weight in the belly region as they put pressure in the back region and you must bring the BMI under your control by choosing a great diet.
  • Try to sleep in the correct position – Well, it is important to sleep in the right position and keep things straight while you work on the computer or watch Television. Since, sleeping or sitting in the right posture can reduce the pain.
  • Lift thing in the right posture – When you carry things from one place to another, keep the elbows close to the body, as this will help you to carry the object without putting much strain on your back.
  • The right type of mattress – Your sleeping mattress is also a crucial factor to contribute towards . The mattress should be firm and must not make your spine tilt.
  • No smoking – For those people who are suffering from pain in the back region must avoid smoking. Since it contains nicotine, which reduces the blood flow to the discs present between the vertebrae, this will made the disc rupture.

Try them out today to stay fit and healthy!

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