There are a lot of patients suffering from Ganglion Impar Blockage who often visits Dallas Pain Clinics to seek treatments. People feeling pain and discomfort of chronic pelvic or suffering from rectal pain opt for this treatment as it provides speedy recovery and relief.

Ganglion Impar Block

It is a procedure wherein the nerve impulses are blocked and at the same time assists in diagnosis of pain. Ganglion impar, which receives pain signals from the lower part of the body, is a structure located at the coccyx level.We have top pain management doctors who specialize in these kinds of treatments.

Doctors provide a high level of care as a primary physician or otherwise to both outpatients and inpatients who are suffering from chronic pain. Plano is a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas, where such clinics offer world class treatment. Pain management, Fort Worth, TX, gives you another option where clinics have doctors conducting painless treatments for such ailments.

How to treat Ganglion Impar?

It is the only unpaired automatic ganglion that appears at the bottom of the paravertebral sympathetic chain. It is that part of the nervous system which receives pain signals from the different organs of the body and passes on the message to brain.

For those who suffer from chronic pain in this area, numbing the nervous tissue consisting of ganglion impar can greatly impede the transmission of pain messages to the brain. This brings in a huge relief and enables patients to lead a pain free life.

Procedure for treatment

It involves injecting anesthetic or other medicine into the ganglion impar region through the lower back portion.The injection is applied using ultrasound guidance for accuracy. Once the position is considered to be accurate, a diagnostic block is executed by the doctor.

Sometimes patients require additional therapeutic blocks in the future or may go for more permanent pain relief through other procedures. Pain management, Arlington, TX, also boasts of world class treatments by experienced doctors in this field.

What are the benefits derived from this treatment?

Ganglion impar block is a safe and effective treatment perineal pain. It results in significant reduction of pain and has very negligible side effects when compared to other forms of treatments. It requires short and minimal invasion that can treat pain which are even secondary to malignancy.

What are the risks associated with this treatment?

The extent of risk associated with this treatment is so low that there are no major complications reported from this block. The risk lies in the fact that what if the doctor misplaces the needle or does not follow proper hygienic methods.

In case of misplaced needle, one can experience excessive bleeding, nerve injury or paralysis as it affects the entire nervous system. Hence you need to choose your doctor and the clinic very carefully so that you can trust them with your body. The above mentioned pain management centers are renowned to conduct safe and pain free operations.

A proper analysis of the patient’s condition is very essential to conduct treatment. Doctors can get an idea of the patient’s extent of suffering by their reaction to injection. In case of repetitive pain, where it goes away and comes back after few days, the injection can be repeated to get permanent relief.

Afterwards, proper medication and rest can help you get rid of pain permanently. Timely consultation with your doctors can prevent any danger related to the operation.